My bees swarmed

To all my bee keeping friends, my bees swarmed about a month ago, we were totally shocked and grateful that we found them in a tree, talk about learning fast how to wrangle bees!! We did it though and I now have another hive and they are doing well, please dont forget to feed your new hive. I have pictures and a video. I will try and post them soon.


Uncovering the strawberries

I pulled back the straw this spring, I believe it was in March when  I looked at them.  I didnt uncover them until after what I believed for be the last cold snap.  I however know that the strawberries are tough and really didnt really need to be covered up, but we did anyhow.  I noticed little green leaves under all the straw coming up. I had no idea when to expect when they would be ready I was thinking mid may….I would be very surprised!!! stay tuned.038


I wanted to post a couple of pretty sunsets the past couple evening. Its been so long since I have messed with this computer I have to learn all over again how to do stuff.

Here we go!!

Well, where can I begin…I have had a eventful winter and spring..I wont go into any details, I will just say without the Lord I would have never gotten through, with that being said I have missed you all very much, I have missed reading all the blogs and poems. I have been taking photos of my berry patch and my bees so I will be catching up very soon….miss you all and thanks for having me back.

Snow this morning

We had a little skiff of snow here  this morning, wow it was really blowing hard  the horse and our new calf headed for shelter.  I cant believe I didnt take my camera out to the berry patch and snap a picture, before the little bit of snow melted, which it did as soon as the sun came out. I just didnt even think of it….it was really cold..burr  

Happy Thanksgiving everyone

I wanted to take a minute to wish all my readers a very blessed thanksgiving, and no matter what is going on in your life or whats going on in this world, just remember that god is in control of all things and as christians we need not be affraid. …..we win.016